Getting car insurance in Austria

Whether you’re moving to Austria with a car or looking to buy a shiny new set of wheels, here’s everything you need to know about car insurance in Austria.

Before you tackle driving in Austria, you will need to make sure that you know the rules of the road and that you are insured. Fortunately for expats moving to Austria, there are plenty of auto insurance policies to choose from, as well as other types of insurance, such as home/contents insurance, life insurance, and liability insurance.

To help you get set up, this guide provides the following information:

Car insurance in Austria
Types of car insurance in Austria

Additional forms of car insurance in Austria
Auto Insurance Bonuses and Penalties in Austria
Car insurance companies in Austria
Choosing car insurance in Austria
How to apply for car insurance in Austria
Submit a car insurance claim in Austria
Cancellation of a contract or change of provider
Submit a complaint about a car insurance company in Austria
Roadside assistance in Austria
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Car insurance in Austria

The Austrian Insurance Association regulates car insurance in Austria. If you want to own a car there, you will need to purchase Haftpflichtversicherung (third party liability) insurance before you hit the road. This covers damage to others in an accident. However, you will find that many companies offering car financing in Austria require more comprehensive insurance to be approved for financing.

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In general, there are a number of factors that will determine the price of insurance in Austria. Inexperienced drivers, for example, will pay more than those who drive longer. Cars with smaller, less powerful engines will also pay less, as will those who live in rural areas as opposed to crowded urban centers. If you have a good no-claim driving record where you currently live, it is also possible to get credit for this in Austria. You will need a letter from your current insurance company to present to your new agent in Austria. In general, Austria is very expensive when it comes to car insurance and you will need to pay any amount between 60 and 150 euros per month.

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In Austria, the vehicle owner (the policy holder) is covered by insurance in addition to any additional approved drivers. Trailers must be insured and registered separately from cars. You can insure up to three cars on the same license plate as long as they are of the same type of car.

Can you use car insurance from another country in Austria?

When you temporarily move to Austria from another EU country, your current insurance policy will remain valid for the duration of the contract. However, if you move permanently, your car must be registered in Austria within one month of arrival. You must obtain third party liability insurance from an approved Austrian insurance company in order to register your vehicle at the Vehicle Registration Office (or Zulassungsstelle).

Types of car insurance in Austria

There are three main types of car insurance in Austria, but the only compulsory insurance is third party liability. Others are optional, but are often recommended. Here is an overview of all three.

Third party liability insurance

This is required by law to register your vehicle. Third party liability covers damage to health or property of other persons.

partial coverage
Partial coverage is an optional additional coverage. This covers damage to your vehicle from events like break-ins, shattered glass, and damage to things like animal damage, fire, and theft.

full coverage
Also optional, as the name suggests, full coverage includes all of the above plus damage to your car after accidents.

Additional forms of car insurance in Austria

In Austria, you can get a green insurance card (green card) that proves that you have the minimum mandatory insurance coverage for driving in the country you are visiting. The green card system currently covers 47 countries, including most but not all European countries. Basically, the green card is a European system. If you are stopped at the border of a country covered by the green card system, you only need to show your green card to them to confirm that you have valid car insurance.

Auto Insurance Bonuses and Penalties in Austria

Austrian insurance companies use the Bonus-Malus (Latin for “good and bad”) system. In other countries, this is known as the no-claims premium. This system regulates no-claim periods which in turn lowers premiums. Basically, premiums increase when claims are submitted. Essentially, this means that your claims history affects your premiums. In addition, different insurance companies offer different levels of Bonus-Malus discounts. Fortunately, although insurers in Austria are not required to recognize claims history from other EU countries, they generally do.

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Typically, with a vehicle liability claim, your rating will be lowered to three levels. There are 18 levels in the Austrian system.

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